How to Run Your Budget Like a Pro with These Apps

By on February 14th, 2017

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People owning smartphones and other electronic gadgets can make their lives much easier if they know which apps are indeed useful and worth being downloaded on their devices. Right now, the essential ones are the apps meant to help users manage finances. And our online installment loans company will help you to choose one.

The only problem is how are you supposed to choose the best one or two apps out of thousand choices? And is there ever a perfect personal finance app to help you build up an efficient budgeting strategy and ultimately cut down all the unnecessary expenses?

New apps come out all the time. Thus, to know updates on the newest apps, software’s, and tools be sure to visit There you can find Android and IOS platforms, which can optimize your budget and drastically influence your financial habits. Let’s have a closer look on 8 most valuable apps to help you run the budget like a pro.

1. Mint

How much have you heard of Mint as being a prototype for all the other existing budgeting apps? Not in vain, this app gets so many positive feedback. Basically, it gives you an opportunity to collect all of your bank accounts in one place so that you can always be aware of your current financial status.

Furthermore, knowing your financial situation and budgeting gaps, the app can offer you some great solutions to overcome your personal issues. And of course, it does help creating an efficient personalized budget. Mint has a high level of data protection, therefore you do not have to worry about the account’s secureness.

2. You Need a Budget

Assuming that as you read the following article, you do indeed need a budget. At this point, YNAB can be your second most valuable option after Mint. Even though this app requires an annual ($50) or a monthly ($5) fee, experts assume this would become a worthy investment.

Manage your budget though YNAB manually and synchronize your account with others, for instance, when you and your spouse share the same budget. Hassle-free money management is way more pleasant, after all. By the way, the app contains online classes for financial literacy, money management, and budgeting, of course.

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3. Mvelopes

If the other two apps above do not fit your personal requirements about the best budgeting apps or they simply lack some useful features, consider Mvelopes. The concept remains the same: all of the information collected from your bank account or accounts helps you stay on track where you are at financially.

Just like Mint and YNAB, the app uses a method of digital envelope budget. In this way, you cannot only manage the budget itself but pay bills and save receipts in an online form. And the app is actually free unless we talk about a $95 premium version for a year that even provides you with a personal financial coach.

4. HomeBudget

If you don’t mind to make a lot of manual writing about your expenses and so for, HomeBudget can be even a greater alternative to other more popular budgeting apps. Therefore, HomeBudget isn’t that well-known as Mint. After all, not all the users like editing their information on their own.

Also, if you are interested in credit score improvement, be sure to read easy tips to increase your credit score in 2017!

However, there is a great option of synchronizing the app between the devices so that it can be available not only for you but perhaps for anyone else you want to share the budget plan with. But here’s a pitfall: you have to purchase HomeBudget on each platform you want to use it on. The price varies: from $5.99 for iPhone, iPad and Android version to $14.99 on Windows and $19.99 on Mac.

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5. Wally

This wonderful app will track your costs and organize your personal budget at no charge. You can either enter your expenses manually or make a photo of your receipt to record your expenses. To help you reach some financial goals, Wally will send you constant notifications and reminders.

6. Unsplurge

Meanwhile, all of the above-mentioned apps had almost the same concept and idea, Unsplurge is a little different. If you have a certain splurge you want to save for (a vacation, a new TV or any other substantial purchase), you might want to need this app to track down your savings process. Unsplurge would be great for people who can’t stick to their goals and need an additional motivator.

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