Top Financial Planning Tools and Apps for You

By on September 1st, 2019

Financial Planning Apps

Aren’t sure how to keep your own budget? Do you want to keep an eye on your money that is in various places? Here is the best financial planning software that makes money management much easier. Some people are frightened of the security risks of such apps as they use your personal details.

However, this free financial planning software was designed according to the best standards to protect your private info and keep you safe while focusing on your financial wellbeing. Take a look at them and choose the most suitable option so that it helps you become more financially secure and save more.

Financial Planning Tools

According to the recent Bankrate survey, 63% of smartphone users have installed at least one financial planning app. When money is involved, there are so many tasks and duties that you need to care about. People no longer want to deal with old-fashioned checkbooks.

But if you forget about something or miss important payments, it may lead to more issues where only short-term personal loans can help. That’s why financial planning software for individuals has taken over its place and now helps common users and entrepreneurs to keep their budget. Here are the best financial planning apps for you to select from.

BudgetSimple App

This financial planning calculator makes budgeting very easy. It is a quick and secure platform to help you manage your finances. This is the best financial planning app for beginners and those who are willing to understand their financial situation better and know what they need to improve.

Here you can find financial planning worksheets to track your monthly expenses and help you pay the bills on time. Bear in mind that this app is available only for Web and isn’t designed for smartphone users.

Financial Apps


This app is designed for smartphone users who want to have quick access to their finances on the go. It is available on Android and IOS. This is one of the top financial planning apps these days.

It is an expense and budget tracker to show users where their money goes and how they can start saving more. It is easy and convenient to use but it has just one drawback. The user will have to enter the transactions manually in order to see the full picture and get results.

Mint App

This personal financial planning software is great for keeping track of your finances on various devices. It is available on Android, IOS, Web, and Windows 8. You can add all your credit cards, bank accounts, as well as bills and investments.

This app will assist you in planning your future expenses and current budget. Also, it will offer you a quick overview of your financial situation. Have you experienced late or missed payments because you simply forgot to pay off the credit card or a cash advance?

Don’t worry as a Mint financial planning worksheet has special reminders to tell you about any payments that need to be made. This app will help you keep your finances under control in just one tool.

financial apps


This app has received many positive financial planning software reviews from business owners as well as common users. It is available on all mobile devices and is aimed at helping to adjust your budget if necessary.

This software helps to create helpful monthly budgets that are customized to your personal needs. You can easily keep track of your spending and get notifications and reminders about any upcoming payments that need to be made. Also, it facilitates the management of your credit cards so that you don’t forget to make payments.


It’s time to think about business owners and those who are just thinking of launching a startup. Are you afraid whether you will be able to keep track of all your business expenses? Here is one of the best personal financial planning software which is especially helpful for entrepreneurs.

It is available for Android, IOS, Web, Blackberry and Windows Phone users. Expensify app is wonderful for entrepreneurs and travelers who want to receive frequent reports about their expenses. It helps to see where your money goes and whether you need to slow down on certain expenses.

By taking pictures of your receipts, logging the distances you’ve traveled and tracked the general time you can also print out this information. Such reports will help you know about your expenses.

Home Budget Manager Lite

This app is very convenient for common users and all people who are willing to manage their budget, track their bills, incomes, and expenses. You have the right to make numerous accounts and set a separate budget for each category.

This financial planning software will remind you when you need to pay the bills or notify how much is left on your accounts. Take advantage of a special statistics graph and be aware of where your expenses or incomes go.

To sum up, there are the top-rated financial planning tools and apps to help you change your life for the better and become more financially secure.