Are Installment Loans Good for Startup Business?

By on September 7th, 2016

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Starting your own business is complicated and risky. Obviously, you don’t know for sure whether it will bring success. Still, particularly the riskiest people usually reach success. On the first stages, young businessmen need a financial assistance. Most of them choose installment loans – the real tendency in the today’s financial world. Installment loans might not be the most suitable option for startup business but there is no loan, which would guarantee the absence of difficulties for young adventurists. This article contains the fundamental moments that will help you to succeed!

Create a Basis

Before you apply for a substantial sum of money, you need to create an impressing presentation of your business as not every lender is risky enough to finance a startup. The best variant lies in creating the business plan that contains information about your startup, its conception, products, expenses, additional expenses, the way you are going to develop, etc. This business plan is an irreplaceable part of your business as it not only makes it look more professional but also gives a lender a clear submission of the project. It’s crucial to remember that from the time you begin building your business, you have to reduce some optional expenses. By the way, real professionals know how to save during holidays!

Ways to Get Financial Help for Startup Business


One of the first institutions you should consider is SBA. Small Business Administration – is the leading and one of the oldest parties, which finances the USA startups. Hundreds of small business projects have already succeeded with the help of this organization. There you will manage to apply for installments loans or for a simple advice from the professional.

By the way, it’s better to apply for long-term installment loans as it gives the borrower an opportunity to cope with other expenses that strike young businessman.


Banks are a less suitable party for installment loans for a startup business. The potential businessmen usually face rejections as banks aren’t ready to come face-to-face with risk. Such institutions rarely agree to finance startups. So, it’s important to be ready for rejections but keep applying for installment loans. even though experts state that getting funds from a bank is unlikely, you can test your luck. However, don’t forget that interest will be substantially higher if you deal with banks.

Family or Friends

Family and friends are the next variants, who can provide starters with installment loans. You will more likely find at least one family member or a friend (probably adventurer like you). Some financial experts don’t recommend dealing with your inner circle but it may be a lifebuoy, which will save a businessman after a set of rejections.

What Kind of Installment Loan Is Better for Startup?

There are secured and unsecured installment loans and you can apply for any of them – it depends on the lender. Still, it’s better to choose secured credit and provide collateral but receive lower interest rates and more flexible terms.

By the way, if your credit score is higher than 700, you can try to get an installment loan in your own name and also receive lower rates. After your startup gains a good reputation and revenue, you can change the loan.