Closet Organization Ideas to Save You Money

By on April 9th, 2018

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In the age of total consumerism, it is hard to avoid stuffing your life with the unnecessary things. You think that if you add more fancy clothes to your life it will somehow become well-managed and successful.

However, when buying clothes people tend to overlook how the money slips away. Yes, you can try to apply for online installment loan and cover the credit card debt after renewing the wardrobes. But what if you can organize your closet, your space, your budget and your life? Here are some tips to start with!

Keep Things in Separate Compartments

Everything from T-shirts to hats and scarves should be kept in its own space. This way you will keep track of types of clothes you have and how many items you have. Perhaps you will revitalize some old pieces instead of buying new ones – that’s a very good option if you want to save money.

Use Color Codes

Sort your clothes by color. This will help see what color pattern you have and whether you have too much of something. Color coding helps organize things and actually choose something to wear in the morning. You’ll see how to mix and match clothes you have without splurging on a yet another denim skirt.

Organize Your Jewelry

Jewelry as an addition to one’s image plays an important part of the daily close choosing ritual. Keep it in a separate jewelry box to save space, time and energy.

Divide Clothes into Daily and Party

When clothes seem to be piling up into a snarl, you can’t find what to wear. This brings an urge to buy more clothes. Separate the clothes by seasons and types. Then separate them into the party and daily wear to see what you actually have and what you really need to buy.

Keep warm and light clothes separate as well. You could save space by storing some of the clothes you don’t use right now in boxes or bags under the bed.

Use Hangers

Using hangers is perfect for keeping clothes neat and separate. You may use clothes for scarves, socks, and jewelry as well. No need to buy new hangers, get them from yard sales or at second-hand stores.

Keep empty hangers in a separate basket for the closet to look cleaner. It is also good to keep a laundry basket right in your closet for the dirty clothes not to end-up on the floor.

Get Rid Of the Old Clothes

First, you get more space. Secondly, there is room for new clothes. Clean out the closet real good before organizing it. Don’t just throw away worn-out or washed-out clothes. Sell them or donate them in order to earn a tax deduction.

Give Your Closet a New Look

Once you cleaned out the unwanted clothes, you see how much more space you have and how else you can use it. Take advantage of this freedom. To fit the clothes that are left more neatly, calculate the space you have and need. Mind that winter clothes take up more room.

Keep up to four items on one shelf to avoid reaching for clothes and keeping it in the corners. Install battery-operated stick-on tap lights to keep the closet well-lit. This will help make decisions faster prevent clothes from piling up in the corners and will help start controlling your money.

Buy in Bulk

In order to save money, it is better to shop at one place. Modern retailers, both outlet or online ones, provide a vast range of clothing for all occasions, as well as devices to store clothes better and tidier.

As you see, it is not that difficult. Spend some time organizing your closet now to save time, energy, and most importantly, money in the future. Some of the closet renovations may cost a little, but you will see how much free space there is in your room and in your life.

Finally, check out the “Sparking Joy” or “Magic Cleaning” best-sellers by Marie Kondo for some insights on how to let go of the old clothes and welcome new ones. Take professional advice from the house-keeping expert.

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