Rates and Fees

Requesting a loan through InstallmentCredits.com is completely free of charge. But pay attention that our website doesn’t provide services as the financial institution does. You can’t get a cash loan from Installment Credits directly.

The website is created to help people with emergency need of cash find the best lender with the most beneficial terms and conditions. We collect your personal data through the online form in order to pick up the lender from a wide base which will fit your needs the most.

Our company guarantees full transparency of financial disclosures concerning terms, rates, and fees of cash lending service to the customer according to the Truth in Lending Act.

Signing a contract our customer is provided with detailed information about all fees charged by the lender. After being approved for getting a loan you will receive full information about rates, fees, terms and conditions from the lender. Your electronic signature is required in order to confirm that you have got all the information concerning the deal, that you have learned it and agreed.

For more information on the service performed by the company, check the Frequently Asked Questions.

Terms of the Service

After your online loan request is submitted via the website, you will receive all the documents referred to the loan you chose from the lender. These documents highlight all the conditions and costs of the service. Read and analyze the agreement carefully, calculate all the costs before putting your e-signature on it. If you find out that the deal is not beneficial you may refuse to sign it and search for something more appropriate. Putting your signature means that conditions of the contract satisfy your needs and you agree to make a deal.

Pay attention to the fact that accuracy and attentiveness together with smart analysis will prevent you from making detrimental decisions.

Lenders providing installment loans for bad credit singly set all fees and terms. It often happens that the information that customer provides in order to get a loan determines the amount approved by the lender. Don’t forget that this is you who makes up your mind to strike a bargain.

Our company has nothing to do with the fees and rates which are suggested by the lenders. Our aim is to help the customers get connected with the direct installment loan lenders online.

Non-Payment Policy

In the agreement you have a certain term when you have to repay the installment loan. If it happens that you are not able to do this, the lender will charge a fine. InstallmentCredits policy is aimed to deal with honest, transparent and conscientious lenders and other financial institutions. However, it is better to keep your bank account current and to track it all the time no matter which lender you have chosen. This will help you to avoid the unexpected expenses.

Late Payments Policy

Lenders’ policy concerning making repayments late may be various. Usually, you incur an additional fee or the interest rate increase by missing the deadline for the payment term. Pay attention to the conditions of late repayments when studying an agreement and make sure that you have understood the information correctly. After you put your signature the lender has full powers to charge a fee for being late with the repayment. Legislation regulating late payments policy varies in different states but all lenders are held liable for observing them.