Student Loans Resolutions For 2018

George Reed February 28, 2018

The new year is the perfect period for making new resolutions. It gives an opportunity to check your finances,  and create a new student loan plan in 2018. According to the studies, there are more than 44 million borrowers who repay over $1.4 trillion in student loans. There are certain tips that will help manage theREAD MORE

Guide to the Student Loan Forgiveness Program

George Reed February 4, 2018

A student loan is a nightmare for millions of college grads. In 2016 the Citizens Bank asked 501 American graduates and concluded that 6 out of 10 persons (aged 18 to 35) had no idea when they are going to finish their loan repayment term. The most recent studies report that total U.S. student loanREAD MORE

Advantages of Federal Student Loans

George Reed November 18, 2017

Considering the cost of tuition fees, student loans often become a part of getting a higher education. According to the research by the Institute for College Access and Success, sixty-eight percent of college senior students who graduated in 2015 took student loans. 2017 Student Loan Debt Statistics shows that most college students take loans nowadays.READ MORE

How Student Loan Influences My Credit Score

George Reed November 3, 2017

This is the question of more than 70% of students, who graduate from college with a student loan debt. Unfortunately, there is no exact answer because each issue requires details of every certain case. The influence on the credit score depends on how regularly a student pays the monthly payments, what is the loan length,READ MORE

Tips for Managing Your Student Loan Debt

George Reed September 25, 2017

Private student loans are becoming more and more widespread and used by students who have little or no family financial support, those who study at private universities, as well as students making graduate degrees. Such loans are issued by banks and various financial institutions. That is why the Department of Education can’t regulate this privateREAD MORE

6 Best Ways To Avoid the Pitfalls of the Financial Aid System

George Reed August 18, 2017

Every day millions of students all over the world are going through the transition period. That includes graduating school, moving to college, beginning a new stage of life. Most of these students wish they had found out about the student financial tips sooner. Because if they did, they would know that six out of ten collegeREAD MORE

What Do You Need to Get a Student Loan?

George Reed July 31, 2017

It seems like everybody takes student loans these days. They must give them out to any person in need, right? Not always. Typically, the demands to get student loans are not very restraining, but still, there are particular criteria you must meet in order to be considered. These criteria vary at the private and federalREAD MORE

How Can Nurses Cope with Student Loan Repayment?

George Reed April 6, 2017

Student loans are a real problem for the economy of the USA. American students have to pay the government billions of dollars they took to finance their education. $1.2 trillion in student loans – it’s a sum that Americans still have to pay off! The number seems to be incredibly big but it’s our realityREAD MORE

How To Decrease A Huge Student Loan

George Reed March 24, 2017

American students have a debt of more than a trillion dollars. It is an enormous amount of money that can become an unbearable obstacle to overcome. Especially, when you’re just starting your own career path. According to the newest financial tips collected by the online installment loans company, this happens quite often to recent graduates.READ MORE

Working on Financial Student Plan

George Reed March 15, 2017

  Some time ago students were truly lucky. They could have double-jobs. Namely, they had a possibility to study and have a part-time work at the same time. Nowadays a student loan is essential. Of course, it can be decreased with a help of all kinds of governmental financial aid like scholarships and saving plans.READ MORE

What Is a Student Loan Refinancing?

George Reed March 10, 2017

A student loan is a challenging weight to carry. Higher education demands a sacrifices anr resources. Thus, after graduation, most of the ex-students struggle with the numerous debts and don’t see any fitting outcome. However, it is possible to read the blog of the online installment loan company and find some ways to make it easier. SoREAD MORE