4 Tips To Take Control Of Your Credit Card

By on March 20th, 2017

credit card managing

Managing credit cards is a challenging and yet an essential skill for a modern person. Thus, most of the people think of it as a hard duty. However, as people say it is all about attitude. If you treat it like an exciting but important business, you’ll quickly get it over with.

Credit cards are a significant financial tool but they can become some kind of serious play. Of course, it doesn’t mean one has a right to the irresponsible behavior.

It simply implies a search for the fresh and not piped-in ideas to handle the credit cards. Keep reading this blog about finances and you’ll find a few pieces of quite helpful advice.

Don’t Be Afraid to Revise

First of all, one needs to get the whole picture and understand all of the terms. There are a lot of resources on the Internet, that give clear and comprehensible answers to the questions what an installment credit is. Sometimes a strange thing happens. Though a person has a good credit score, he gets a credit rejection.

Here are options: either you question the decision and torment yourself about the possible reasons or you get up and go straight to the point. Probably, it was a computer, which didn’t give a proper respect to your credit accountability. There is always a margin of error.

The solution is simple, you just need to address the bank representative and take a chance for personal conservation. A polite request to reconsider an application would be enough. Reach a bank worker and remind him about the great credit history. Maybe, they agree on the closing a credit card, that is unnecessary for you anyway. The thing is, banks want their clients and they will grant you an approval, if only you give them a good enough reason to make up their mind.

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Ask for Additional Bonus

Surely, it is a common experience. One signs up for a card that seems quite beneficial. But later he discovers that there is a more advantageous offer on the field. The answer is similar to the previous one. Just get in touch with a bank and inform about the offer. It is very simple for them to make changes to the account, just like modifying any field on the computer screen.

The procedure is possible to perform over the phone as well as on the website. Although, the majority of people prefer logging into the bank account and getting a message. In the case, you’ll get a written response and be able to have a meaningful discussion about an exact amount of the bonuses. Then there will be no further arguments on this matter. Sure enough, America’s top banks 2017 have such a function.

Extend a Payment Cycle

Obviously, making on-time the regular payments is great and gets a free loan from the bank. Even this can be taken up a notch. If one makes a charge a day before the closing a statement, it will be due 25 days later. What is even more interesting, make a charge right after the statement closing and save up to the additional interest-free thirty days. You’ll get up to the two months without interest rates. Check the additional tips on increasing your credit score.

Use Gift Cards

The general practical approach of the gift cards is making a customer to spend more money for earning extra reward points. For instance, here you’re getting reward points utterly after spending a certain amount of money. Falling into the trap would be a mistake. Instead, creative ways of using cards are welcomed. For example, using a credit card to buy a gift card. You’ll find a perfect opportunity to utilize it later.