Privacy Policy of Installment Credits

Installment Credits (“the company, our company, we, us”) possesses and administrates the site (“site, website, we, us”). The companies’ goal is obeying the legislation on gathering, saving, and processing personal information.

Our Privacy Policy tends to clarify your rights and duties concerning collecting, saving, and sharing your personal data, as well as the company’s responsibilities. Using the services of Installment Credits and interacting with the website, you accept that you have consulted with Privacy policy and agree to established norms.

Installment Credits service is a creditor matching company. We do not represent any particular lender, make financial decisions, and provide installment loans online. All the advertising on the pages is posted in order to boost the website and other charges. We do not hold the responsibility for introduced companies. We are not representative of any particular company or product.

To offer your order to the matching lenders, we provide them with your personal information referring to credit conditions. Leaving the application, you give the agreement for sharing it and contacting with the lenders.

Company’s and User’s Rights

Installment Credits serves as an intermediary between direct creditors and borrowers, left their applications online. After you send the form to the server, we get the right to share it with lenders to introduce them to possible options and support in making a decision.

You have the right to visit and use the site without signing up. We will not send you any news, distribution, and updates without your permission. The content presented on the website tends to consult you in the possibilities and conditions provided by the company.

Personal Detectable Data

After entering and sending you personal information and requirements on the server of Installment credits, you will be automatically redirected to the lender’s website, which was chosen as the most appropriate variant for your demands and possibilities. Your personal data will be also given to third-party partners in order to introduce you as a customer and saved here according to the site’s privacy policy rules. We care about the security and confidentiality of all sides and cooperate only with reliable creditors.

The process of transportation is automatic and cannot be canceled. If you do not want your account to appear on the other sites, please do not send it to our website.

What Do We Collect:

We use and save all data you provide on the site. This includes:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number
  • E-Mail
  • Bank statement information
  • Social security number
  • Home address
  • Your job status and provided special details

In addition to the form you’ve filled, we also collect the statistics about you as an Internet user: IP address, type of Web browser, the time you’ve spent on the site, and your activities. Our goal is to boost the performance and adapt the interface to visitors’ comfort. For this, we use your data to optimize usability.

If you didn’t finish the process of filling and left the page, we can collect remained information either. However, we never pick the data about children under 13 years, as well as refusing underaged people in giving services.

Using the Info

All information we hold is needed to find matching options for your demands, as well as increase the performance of the service, based on your actions. It also allows us to understand, which services and products are interesting personally for you and custom the system for your needs. In short, the main ways of using are the following:

  • Improvement of the website
  • Marketing optimization
  • Promotion
  • Future interactions

The company possesses the right to add your data into the database for advertisement and distribution in order to notify you of the newest updates. To send your requirements to the lenders, we reserve the right of sharing your databases with third-party persons and companies.


As well as any other website, we cannot guarantee absolute safety on the Internet. Despite this, we take all measures to minimize the risks. Confidentiality and security of our customers is a principal of Installment Credits.

Everything you send to the service is available only to the workers who take the active part in processing it. All data is also limited to third-party persons. Only companies, which services were offered can receive and keep them. In a process of transmission, all data is secured by reliable encryption, developed in accordance with the newest requirements of cybersecurity.

Although this, the user takes full responsibility for given information and accepts all the following risks.

Opt-Out Rights

In case you don’t want to be abreast of our service and refuse to transfer your data to any other services, please do not send it to us. All processes go automatically and can’t be canceled. We can’t provide the services concerning finding lenders and connecting the partners without the right to share the data.

However, you can always opt-out of distribution and any connection with Installment Credits. For this, change the setting of your account. Although your data with bee saved on the server, you won’t get the news and offers.

Remember that if any person contacts you and suggests the particular service or lender, or insists on accepting services, it is not our company. Please inform us about such cases.


Cookies are special tools, stored on your computer or other devices, used for collecting the information. They are essential for providing comfortable experience and improve the website. picks such types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies – files for launching the pages. They do not recognize you and collect any details. You can refuse to use them, but in such a case, the website may work incorrectly.
  • Cookies for site developers shows your behavior on the website and do not identify personality. This information helps us to define which functions are the most popular and whether there are any mistakes in functioning.
  • Analytical cookies are used for statistics.
  • Technical cookies remember the files for signing in, website links, and your account.

Installment Credit’s data system is clear and tends to facilitate users’ experience. We will not send cookies until you confirm the permission.

External Links can publish links on other resources as a source of knowledge or advertisement. We don’t take responsibility for the actions of such services.

Information Disclosure

All company’s actions are dictated by the legislation, which has higher power than this privacy policy. This way, you have the right to disclosure your data in special cases. If the criminal process was instituted against you, we can share your information to help the investigation.

If the user is underaged, e will not collect information and do not take responsibility for your actions.

How Do We Share Information?

As it was mentioned, after applying for the credit you will be automatically redirected to third-party service, which can offer matching condition in accordance with the form. Confirming your order, you share personal information with websites, which privacy policy differs from ours.

Be sure that only direct lenders have access to the given data. All other workers will only do technical operations without access to the information.


The website is not responsible for the actions of any other resource including the direct creditors we cooperate with. We work only with reliable partners and are sure of their fairness. Despite this, you can get the distribution and other unwanted offers from them. Our recommendation is no use a special e-mail to log in and not to mix it with usual mail. Usually, you can also refuse to get the messages on their website. If you get obsessive attention and undesirable letter, you can complain about a special page here. We may stop the cooperation with such services after the consideration of the complaint.

The Right to Change the Policy

The present policy can be changed in accordance with the rules of security and other demands. We have the right to change this document at any moment without notifications. In case you continue to use the service, visit its pages, and somehow interact, it automatically means that you confirm and maintain the rules. To avoid misunderstanding and following consequences, please check this page time after time and make sure the rules are appropriate for you.

To familiarize yourself with other details concerning our principals and responsibilities, you can visit the Terms&Conditions page. If you have any questions about our privacy policy or other details, feel free to contact us. The operator will consult you about all essential matters.