Terms and Conditions

By visiting the installmentcredits.com website (the “Website”) you hereby agree and are bound by the following terms and conditions (the “Terms”). Study the Terms thoroughly. In case you disagree with the terms, exit the Website now.

Installment Credits Service

The InstallmentCredits service (the “Service”) is free of charge. Our goal is to connect the clients to the lenders. We don’t offer any monetary help. We give financial tips and let the users utilize the vast database of lenders online. We point the clients to reliable and trustworthy online lending institutions.

In order to use the Service successfully, you fill in an online form with your personal details. Personal details are your name, address, current telephone number, email address, social security number. You also give your bank account information and employment information. The Website collects and uses this information in order to place the user with a potential lender. The collection and usage of your personal information by the Website is regulated by the Privacy Policy.

Decisions about Credit

InstallmentCredits.com is not a lender and therefore isn’t responsible for the lending decisions. The Website also doesn’t assure the user getting the loan by a partner lender. We are also not responsible for the partner lender decisions making and whether he will give out a loan of a specific amount, purpose and lifetime. We cannot state that the loan aspects such as interest rates, payment fees and such provided by the partner lender are the best available online.

Upon the users having submitted the form the Service can further share this information with the partner lenders. Having submitted the form you are requesting a loan directly from the partner lenders. The Website and the partner lenders can contact you through the contact information you have provided in the form.

The partner lenders, having received your information, will further decide whether you can qualify for bad credit installment loans. The information you have provided in the form may be used to do a credit check on the client. There are two types of the credit check: a “Hard Check” with the help from “Big Three” credit reporting agencies, or a “Soft Check” with the help from the online data aggregators. Your information will also be reviewed against national databases tracking consumer transactions via lending institutions. Having submitted the Form with your information, you agree to the partner lenders’ review and usage of your information.

Once the partner lender has decided upon offering you a loan, you will be automatically redirected to the lender’s website. There you will negotiate on the loan terms, loan amount and loan purpose with the lender directly. As soon as you are redirected to the partner lender’s website the Installment Credits company is no longer responsible for the outcome of the borrower-lender relationship. From that moment, the lender of your choice is responsible for interactions with you and your data falls under the lender’s website privacy policy.

Before Signing the Agreement

The lender must provide the agreement document for you to sign. Before doing so, make sure you read the agreement document thoroughly and are aware of the interest rate fee, the late payment fees, and any additional fees that the lender may charge. Only after that put your e-signature on the agreement document with the lender. Having signed the agreement you will no longer be able to change the terms and conditions of the loan.

In Case Of a Late Repayment

The agreement document that the lender provides is usually very accurate about the late payment fees. In case you are late with the payment, the additional fee will be withdrawn from your bank account. Also, the late repayment issue may be regulated by the state law, which both the lender and borrower must obey.