Our Terms and Conditions

Installment Credits (we, the service, the company, us) operates the InstallmentCredits.com (the site, we, us). This document works as the arrangement between Installment Credits and the users (you, yours, and other forms).

The company does not represent any distinct organization and does not give any financial support for its clients. All the information concerning creditors is not a strict instruction, but the suggestion. The service is available only for the USA residents who reached 18 years.

In advance of your visit to the website, please read this document, as well as all the presented disclaimers. Addressing to the assistance of Installment Credits, you agree to preserve all given instructions. To prevent confusion, please learn our rights and demands in advance and recheck this page regularly. If you refuse to follow all the demands, please phase out the staying on our website.

Provided Services

Installment Loans is a matching company that establishes a connection between you and the direct lender. To participate, the user files the order form on the official website and gets connected with the direct lender based on the information provided.

We do not give any loans. We only introduce you to possible lenders. Our task is to facilitate the process of searching and offer only reliable advice to the customers.

The functions concerning processing, transferring and matching the data define our Terms and Conditions. To protect yourself, as well as maintain our rules, please read this page to check whether you can confirm all aspects. To get more detailed explanations relating to this matter, you can visit the Privacy Policy page.

Abrogation of Responsibility

Read about our company. InstallmentCredits serves as a matching between customers and direct lenders. This is the only function we have.

Our organization doesn’t give out loans. If you receive messages on our behalf, do not trust them. We never contact our customers in any way.

After you apply for the loan, we connect you with the lenders and you get a response from them. You are not forced to choose any company, as well as can abandon the initial decision at all.

After you selected the company to work with, we get out of active duty. All the matters are between you and the lender. Before receiving the money, you should pass the verification. The lender is not obligated to give you the approval, as well as Installment Credits is not responsible for a successful deal. We only give recommendations to our clients.

Privacy Policy

We tend to introduce the correct performance and conduct your personal data for this goal. Our work is finding direct lenders for the customers according to their facilities and needs, which already means processing and spreading information.

Filling the order forms, essential for the procedure of searching, you admit utilizing and sharing your personal data. We send them to third-party companies to offer your candidature as a potential borrower. This way you can connect your future partner. Keep in mind that all information is stored on the servers and processed for researches and distribution. You can always refuse to accept the news though.

We take all measures to protect the data while transferring. Anyway, the security cannot be granted, when the process takes place online. We are not responsible for possible leaking, even though our programmers do everything possible to avoid such situations.


Our company, as well as any third parties, involved in the content creation, do not give any warranties. We do our best to protect you from fraud and never have the intention to mislead our visitors. Our employees care about the content’s truthfulness, posted in our blog and any other sector. Nevertheless, we regularly change the rules to increase production. This way some given data may differ from the present situation.

None of the materials, except this paper and Privacy Policy, can the ultimate truth. They serve only for informative purposes. Before cutting any deal, please contact us and check all details. If you noticed any sort of wrong content, which distorts the real situation, notify the operator. We fix all misunderstands as fast as possible.

Turning to advise, links, and any recommendations, you take full responsibility for the consequences.

Age Restriction

Visiting the website, you automatically confirm that you have reached the age of majority. We cooperate only with people who reached 18 years and won’t collect the data about children under 13 years. If you do not pass the age limit, your personal information is deleted from all servers.

Possible Changes

All provided rules are independent of each other and can be changed partially. If you see that some paragraph has changed, it doesn’t mean the inaccuracy of the whole document. The rest of the conditions stay actual.

Web Security

We provide the best measures of security to prevent stealing your personal data and protect your operating system from hacking. The cybersecurity department works in consonance with the current demands and evolves new methods.

Anyway, there is no possibility to provide 100% safety. In the 21st century, none of the computers can be fully protected. That is why do not give warranties concerning the malware. If you noticed any issue with your device while surfing the website, contact the support. We will do everything possible to fix the problem.

Possible Shifts

Installment Credit possesses the right to change some parts of this paper, as well as any other filling of the website. We accomplish the quality of services and some conditions may become outdated, as well as replaced with new ones.

We can make changes and put notes in this document without notifying you. To prevent confusion, reread this page every time before using our service. Some small parts may be essential for you and influence your decision.

We also assume no responsibility concerning personal information. Keep in mind that we transfer your order forms to direct lenders. Although the process is safe, be ready for possible leaking.

 Opt-Out Rights

Working with us, you consequently agree to receive the news and offers. This way we inform you about the updates you may be interested in. If you want to refuse such communication, you can change the settings in the private account and finish our interaction.

We cannot guarantee the same approach from the third-party services. They receive your data after you send us the order form. For not to get unwanted messages, use separate e-mail address while creating an account. Our tip is not to mix personal contact information with the one you complete while signing in. It prevents you from spam and additional efforts.

Data Usage

All information posted on the website is considered to be public. If you leave a review, recommendation, or interact with other forms, you consent to use this content. Since all the data is non-confidential, we have a right to transfer and edit it in any way. For example, we can use the reviews as a part of advertising on other resources or process your actions as a material for marketing research.

Remember about cookies – files we send to your device in order to pick the necessary details. Using the site you agree to accept them and make your actions public.

Website Use

Our team highly appreciates the uniqueness of the project and all the provided content. We work on delivering useful articles and making creative designs. You are forbidden to use any parts of the site. Such action will be regarded as the infringement of the copyright.

We allow using the site only for private targets. Here you can learn the given information, leave your review, and make the order. Any copying or transferring materials used on the website are prohibited.

Using the service, you agree not to influence and damage the website’s running. You won’t copy and use the content of any pages without previous permission.

Image Use

All photos, images, and logos on the website are the result of our designers’ work. Some photos can be bought from specialized services. This way all graphic elements you see are the property of either Installment Credits or our affiliates. Consequently, they are protected by copyright.

Using them outside our platform is a copyright violation. Please avoid taking our graphic content to avoid such issues.

Use of Infographic and Trademark

As it was mentioned, all elements are the property of Installment Credits or its partners. Excerpts may be assumed for advertising and other intentions connected with the service promotion. If you have the intension to use some parts of the material, you are to pick up the official permission from the authorized person. Another obligatory aspect is the mention of the original website and the author.

The legislation protects all the logos and trademarks as officially registered products. Without signed permission, you cannot take them either. We do not hold the responsibility for materials that belong to our affiliates and are presented on their site. To receive the acceptance of using them, contact the owners.

Advertising and Affiliates

Surfing the website, you can find advertising and external links on our partners’ services. Usually, they offer different paid services and can enter into legal relations with customers. Installment Credits will not interfere with any deals you have with these companies. All links and recommendations have an introductory nature. Presented sites have no connection with us except for the ads contract. Assure their quality is not in our competence. Nevertheless, we do our best to provide only qualitative advertising and have to intensions to deceive you.


As with any other online service, we cannot grant 24/7 access to the website. The troubles in the connection may be caused by various reasons, depending on either on us or your device:

  • Technical works on the site
  • Problems with your Internet-provider
  • Network connection
  • The region you are located in. In some countries, particular websites or services of particular countries can be banned by the government.

Despite you occasionally may not have access, we provide the best hosting and introduce all updates to develop the server and avoid such troubles.


InstallmentCredits.com is developing in accordance with US legislation. This particular document confirms all rules we follow and the right we possess. Our Terms and Conditions page serves as a legitimate paper in can be used as our defense in the trial.